ordering & shipping

On this page you’ll find the shipping costs and average delivery times for countries worldwide.

Please note that some countries may impose customs duties and/or handling fees. Please also note that oversized shipments tend to take longer than regular postal deliveries due to the logistics involved.

Average delivery time to United Stades of America:
6 – 9 working days
Shipping Cost for standard packages ( guitars, basses, guitar cases, etc..):
Flatrate – You always pay €30 shipping fee.
Maximum weight:
Up to 31kg.
Orders that exceed 31 kg or the maximum dimensions allowed must be calculated individually. Usually there are no such ordrs, but still..
We will confirm the exact shipping prices by email.
More information:
UPS shipping quote is possible, please ask when making your order. All our services such as 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee3-year warranty etc apply for USA as well.
All duties and VAT must be paid by the customer upon arrival in this country.
duty – If there are any.
If you have more questions, please contact us by email: info@ultramontem.eu